Disturbing Facts About Working At Home.

Hello Everyone,

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some testing to see what the minimum a person could do to still be effective working with TrafficWave.

Remember this is the bare minimum, if you want to earn faster you have to at least double the figures below.


Here is what I have found:

1.   You must produce at least 1500 hits to your page per week.

2.   In order to do that you have to place 10 safelist ads 6 days a week.

3.   This should produce at least 1 to 2 new people to your mailing list.

4.   Create 2 or more capture pages using Traffic Wave for your campaigns.  Why that many?  to give your ads a new look.  Rotate your capture page each week or two.

5.   Keep in touch with your downline at least every couple of weeks or more if you have time.

There you have it anybody can do this amount every day.  I can place 10 safelist ads in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Now the sticky part:  Don’t expect to make much money very quickly it will take you probably about a year just to convert 3 members to pay for your subscription to TrafficWave.  That is placing ads every day 6 days a week.

Now if you want to grow faster you obviously have to do much more.  Typically I send 15 to 20 ads every day and at least twice a week I’ll send 30 to 40 in a day.  I do this 6 days a week every week.  Now during the summer I work 4 days a week at a local theme park just to get outdoors and some extra exercise each week.  But still maintain myself imposed quota each day.

If you think of this as a part time business that is what you are going to earn, next to nothing.  You have to change your mind set to this, then you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Tomorrow I’ll give you more detailed look at what I do each day.  Again I am not the kind of person to kick out 40 to 50 ads every day with safelist and Traffic Exchanges.  There are a couple of people I know that do that plus, but they are making some real money, the kind of income that would blow your mind.

This is a business you have to treat is as a business not a hobby, if you are expecting to make any money.

I do this because I want a couple hundred bucks a month that is money I can spend any way I want and not worry about it because my retirement takes care of everything else.  This is really just fun for me.  I don’t need to do this; my goal taking on this work is to help someone else have some of the success I have had in my lifetime.

During my working career I have owned 3 businesses, been a sales manager for a large telephone interconnect company.  A warehouse manager for a laundry machine company, and brokered pesticides for about 18 years.  And the last 15 years before I retired I installed and trained people in how to use computer systems for a major grocery company traveling all across the United States each week.  My wife and I live very comfortably, I am not some all knowing college graduate, in fact I’ve only had 2 years of college.  I have been successful and all I want to do now is help others become successful.

I can help you, but not if you don’t ask.  If you have a problem or question you have to let me know.  I can’t help you if I don’t know what your problem is.

You probably have realized over the last year or so I don’t sugar coat this business.  You will not get rich quick but can become very comfortable in a short time if you apply yourself.

Enough of my soap box.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day.




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I have been helping people find the best ways to work at home since 2007. I work only with established companies that have been around for a while. Companies that have a track record of paying commissions on time and are good for support when necessary. I am always for support whenever there is a problem.
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