What Do I Do All Day?

That is a question I get quite a lot from people. Especially the ones that know I am an Internet Marketer. If you have ever wondered if working from home being an Internet Marketer is for you or not, here is a typical day for me.

9:30 I rolled out of bed. I have Muscular Dystrophy, so it takes me a little longer to get dressed in the morning.

Then I took the dog out for his morning job. We have a senior dog. The rescue shelters here in St. Louis, all have a program for senior citizens where they will give you a dog free and even pay some of the vet bills and a few other perks.

Next, I ate breakfast and by 10:30 I’m at the computer. Well our social security check came in, so I paid a bunch of bills. And cleaned up some paper work off my desk.

By now it is nearly noon, so the dog wanted to go out again. So while he does his job I checked out the garden. And since it is now close to 12:30 I decided to make a sandwich.

Well by a little after 1:00 I’m back on the computer. Now I have a ton of emails to answer and affiliates with questions I need to answer. By 1:30 I finished that and checked my stats from yesterday. A slow day, typical for mid-July only one new sign up for my business and added a half dozen to my email list. Considering the time of year, I’ll take it because it is residual income I’m building.

Now it is time to write this blog. I have been wanting to get this out for some time, just kept putting it off. I should finish this in about an hour, by then I’ll have to take out another ad in AdHitz.com. I have found them to be a very good source of buying traffic.

Then I’ll send an email to my Prosperity Marketing List. I wrote that last night watching TV. By then I expect it will be about 2:30, so I’ll send out some safelist ads. Check ListHoopla.com join if not already a member and see the top safelists to send a mailing to.

Finally by 3 or 3:30 I’ll have to take dog out again and will putter in the garden for awhile and then my wife and I will go out to dinner, Saturday is date night after all. I think I’ll probably write a couple of emails for my list to send out tomorrow. But that is enough for today.

That is pretty much a normal day for me. How would you like a day like that. Work as much as you want to work when you want to work. I couldn’t always work like this, now if I want I can take a day off and take my grandson for a Spiderman snow cone and run around town a while maybe take my wife shopping and worry about working tomorrow. With Prosperity Marketing System I don’t have to worry I’m building a residual income every day whether I work or not, I have lots of banner ads and text ads working for me even when I don’t work.

Would you like to know about Prosperity Marketing? You could build your own lifestyle the way you want it maybe even quit your full-time job by Thanksgiving wouldn’t that be something to be grateful for?

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