Your attitude determines your success.


Broke and unsuccessful people tend to focus on the negative… I’m sick of being broke, I never catch a break, why don’t things go my way, etc… They always seem to be stuck in that proverbial rut. They usually work in a linear fashion and trade time for dollars, instead of working for themselves.  Unfortunately, they don’t challenge themselves and don’t set goals for themselves.

If I struck a nerve could this be the reason you aren’t making money on line?  Go back and reread that first paragraph.  No really do it, you might discover something about yourself you never realized.  I did and I’m sure if you are honest with yourself you will too.

I hope you don’t have the lottery mentality, where you look for that one winning combination all the time in the next big deal that comes down the line.  The idea first advocated by Zig Ziglar is lost on them.  “If you help enough other people find what they want you will have everything you will have everything you want”.

They don’t use leverage to gain wealth, mainly because they can’t commit themselves to one thing and stick with it until it works.  They jump from program to program never getting anywhere but further in debt.

We must have the proper mindset to obtain the things we want for ourselves.  You must have the fortitude to stick with a winning program long enough to make it work.   Just as a farmer plants a seed, he doesn’t rush out to his cornfield the next day and expect a full-grown stalk… there is often time between the seed and the harvest.  When you don’t see your harvest immediately, it can be discouraging.  But stay with it I can’t tell you the number of people I have seen that are so close to making it when they get discouraged and quit.

Give yourself time to reflect on where you’re at in your life currently and where you’d like to be.  Feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.  But I can’t do it for you.  Make it a great and prosperous day!

Vernon Rudolph

PS:  I am using a program that was started in 2001 and still going strong today.  It has changed the way I think and do business.   Change your attitude and thinking create a new you starting today.  Simply go to   Thank me later.

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