Massive Hits Equals Massive Earnings

Hey Everyone,

Wow, Wow, Wow what a week!  I pumped it up a little this week.  How many hits did you get to your programs this week?  I hit a high for my self this week, and it paid off big time.  I made money on two of my programs and added about 55 names to my mailing list.  It has been exciting.


Just to let you know this past week I had over 17579 hits on three of my programs by 9:15 pm on Sunday evening.  That by itself is not earth-shattering at least not by Big Dogs standards but for lil old me that was pretty good.  I know the Big Dogs probably do that in a day.  But I think it proves Massive Hits = Massive earnings.  Prosperity Marketing is one of the programs I made money in this week.  The other one was the Secrets of the Big Dogs.

Now, this is very important I need you to hear this and start believing it.  Both are PAID programs.  PMS is $12 a month, and Big Dogs is $10 a month, plus I upgraded in a few of their programs.  You Absolutely must spend money to make money, my grandma was right again.  And the techniques I learned to get the amount of traffic I got I learned from the Big Dogs.  The biggest part of all this is it took just 30 minutes a day to generate this.  I did not work all day I did my work as prescribed and did what I wanted the rest of the time.   I love it!

You really can do that too if you just follow what I am laying out for you.  GET ACTIVE, spend $20 a month that is the cost of pizza for your family one night.   I know if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on upgrades you are going to have to spend some extra time surfing for credits to send.  That is trading time for money.  If you want to make money you must do what it takes, believe me you don’t do just this minimum you do not have an online business you have a hobby.


I want you to succeed and know you can if you apply yourself.   If I can answer any questions drop me an email.


Vern Rudolph


PS:  Here are links for the two programs I mention above and highly recommend both:

Prosperity Marketing System
Secrets of the Big Dogs         


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