Hello Faithful Readers

I was going to write a whole different letter but changed my mind and decided to let you know what is changing my life. But before that, I wanted to update you on what is going on around here.

As most of you know my wife and I moved last summer. We are still unpacking boxes and sorting things out. Maybe by Thanks Giving I’ll get the car in the garage. My kids have all been putting in a lot of overtime at mom and dads helping out.

My youngest son works for a groundskeeping company and he has been doing a lot of tree planting for me. And fixing up gardens and giving the house more curb appeal than it had when we bought it.

Enough of that here is what I wanted to talk about today.

I thought I would let you know what changed for me this summer. First off was joining Prosperity Marketing last fall. I have never made much money until then. The second thing was joining the Big Dogs program. It has totally changed the way I look at my business and handle my business. Which has really kicked things into overdrive for me.

The Big Dogs has been pumping out checks for me just about every other month. I have increased my hit count about 5 times what I used to get. Which has a direct bearing on the amount of income I make.

   What it really boils down to is what is your mindset. I had to change my thinking last Spring and as a result, I was recognized by Big Dogs as one of the members that recruited the most members during the summer months, the slowest time of the year.

If you take one thing from this email I want you to remember this: Massive Traffic equals Increased Income.

That is enough to think about for a while. I promise I won’t take so long to get back to you next week.

Have a super October.
Vern Rudolph

If you would like to know more about the Secrets of the Big Dogs just read the  information at this link and order your ebook that will change your thinking and life.  https://trker,com/go/108138/blog9-30-19

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