It’s that time of year again.

Hello Fellow Marketers

Wow! What a year so far.  I hope you are getting closer to your goals. I wanted to send a quick email to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a national holiday originally founded to celebrate the founding of the United States.  President Abe Lincoln made it a national holiday.  It has evolved over the years to where we sit down once a year and call to mind what we are thankful for.   

This year I have much on the personal side and business side to be thankful for.  

One is the finding of the secrets of the Big Dogs and Prosperity Marketing.  I have made more money this year than all prior years.  Without either, I might not have you on my list right now. 

Do you want to make a big splash this year and next?  Get started with email marketing.  I don’t care what you hear about email marketing it is far far from dead.   

Want proof?  You are reading this.  True this is a blog not exactly email marketing but a large portion of my list came from this blog.

Build your list, not only is the money in the list, but your fortune is in the follow-up.  

Have a great Thanksgiving, I am taking the rest of the week off to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving

I appreciate you being on my list.

Vern Rudolph

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