Something very important about Email Marketing

Email Marketing Secrets You Should Know. 

Email marketing is not dead as some will try to tell you.  In fact, it is alive and well and flourishing.  You want proof, no problem, my proof is the fact that you are reading this.

Most people don’t look at ads when they are clicking for credits.  They are usually clicking blindly unless they see a subject line that interests them. Email marketing is the best and cheapest form of advertising you can do.

I work hard and long sending safelist ads, text exchange ads and buying some ads.  I want to get my message out to as many people as I can.  From this point on I am going to concentrate a lot more on writing emails to the list I have compiled.  According to what I have been reading I and you need to be communicating more with our lists and building a relationship.

Gurus all tell you to build a list, but they don’t tell you what to do with that list.  I want to try to tell you what they won’t.  And hopefully, we can level the playing field a bit today.

I know you have seen the ads that tell you, you don’t need a list, they will take care of that for you.  I hate to say it, but Prosperity Marketing System is one that does that.  They have a full autoresponder set of emails set up all ready for you and they will send those emails for you.  Pretty cool huh?  The problem is your personal list is not growing, you are building someone else’s list.  PMS does have an email function so you can email your list that you have built.  But you can only email once every three days.  With your own autoresponder, you can send that traffic to your list and then automatically send them to the PMS site.

That is why the guru’s keep getting richer and you are getting poorer, you are building their list for them. And like I like to say the money is in your list, but the profit is in the follow-up. And the only way you can follow up effectively is with your own list on your own autoresponder.

The whole point to this is you need to build your own list.  You need to follow up with that list.  And the way to follow up is with your autoresponder.

On the subject of autoresponders, some will tell you that you don’t want a double opt-in autoresponder. A single opt-in is all they try to tell you.  I have found you are a lot less likely to be blamed for spamming with a double opt-in autoresponder.

Just for the record, I use PMS, Prosperity Marketing System because it is the first program I have found that You really can make money with.  I also use TrafficWave for my autoresponder.  I have used most of the big boys out there but over a period of time, I have found the delivery rate and cost of TW to be a lot better.  And TrafficWave is a lot easier to use.

You need more information let me know I am happy to help you.

Vern Rudolph

PS: Here are links for PMS and TW, as a way of full honesty I earn money with both programs.

Prosperity Marketing System



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