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Vern Rudolph

Hi  All my Fantastic Readers,

I really do appreciate you’re taking your time to read my ramblings.  If you have a particular problem let me know if I can’t help maybe I can find an answer for you.

I’ve worked my butt off (with some help from my buddy, Darren Orlander at Prosperity Marketing System to get this course ready for you and I’m happy to say, it’s now ready!

 Get fast-movers access here:

Like I said, I’m going to give you a great deal because you’re like some of the people who’ve told me they wanted this and you’ve helped me get this product ready.  

Without you, this info might have never seen daylight. I’m just glad I can get this info out there so it can benefit a whole lot more people besides only myself and a few private clients.

This info is easily worth $997 but for 48 hours only, I’m slashing the price to less than the cost of a pizza a month, (you have to see the low launch price, by clicking below, you won’t believe it).

And I’m also including some fast-mover bonuses, by Jeff Aman, which will also disappear after 5 days.

It’s an insane offer I don’t know why Darren Orlander is letting it go for so little. But you know that I love to over-deliver.

You’ll love it. It’s something Darren has been working on perfecting since 2009.  And with the help of Jeff Aman and myself, you can get your copy at this special price.


I can only guarantee this offer for the next 5 days, don’t delay grabbing this.  In fact, do it now before life gets in the way.

Vernon Rudolph

PS:  If you are looking for a quick easy way to make money this may be for you.

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