Happy Mothers Day to those of you who are Mom’s


Those of you who are dads have to wait a little longer.  Unfortunately, my mother is dead but I still remember her as being a special person and someone I could turn to for advice and help when needed.  Mom had a special sense of humor.  Before she died she gave me a card with her picture that said Don’t forget me”.  Like I could ever forget her.

I hope you all spent time today with your mother or in a situation like mine at least thought of her today.

It has been an interesting week.  I had one person sign up to take the tour as a student and quit an hour later.  He thought

Working at home

$12 was too much each month.  I reminded him he only needs one other person to join and his subscription would have been paid for each month.  And his income would continue to grow each month from that.  But he wouldn’t hear of it or just couldn’t understand it.

I wished him well with whatever he decided to do.  That is just part of this business.  I have always said any kind of sales is a numbers game. You have to have the numbers to do the business.

The same thing goes for retail sales industrial sales or Tupperware sales.  You will go through a lot of people to get that one good sale.

Have heart, it will happen.  When I was a sales manager I used to tell my people that it is like rain.  Before you get your money you have to get the rain off the roof into your gutter then to your downspout.  Sometimes it takes more rain to fall on the roof to push it out the downspout so you can get paid.

So you see it is a numbers game.

Things are still running strong more and more people are looking for income during this time of uncertainty.  All it takes is a little work sending out emails.  It’s a lot easier than digging a ditch.

If I can help just drop me a note,
Vern Rudolph

PS:  Yes as you can see I got my website back up again.  Now I just need to get it updated.

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