To hell with your Disney + subscription.. Go see the real thing

Happy Sunday Evening,

Wow-what a day.  I was on the internet Saturday night at 1:00am and everything was fine.  Got up this morning and it was dead.

After trying everything I could do to get it up I called the provider and there was an outage in the area.  They promised me it would be back very shortly.  Well here it is 11:00 pm I am finally back on line.

Enough of that I do have a message for you today so read and seriously think about and join us on the money makin side of life.

Hey Fellow Listie,

It’s impossible to consistently fail if you’re consistently doing the right things..
The same way it is with anything..
If you consistently eat the right foods you’re going to get healthier…
…and if you consistently use the various traffic strategies and resources in The Prosperity Marketing System back office… 
…then you’ll consistently get results like these..

If you’ve been on the fence about joining myself, Jeff and my students in The Prosperity Marketing System then click here and see the laid back overview.

No ‘hypey’ sales pitch..
Just a behind the scenes view at why my students and I are so successful with this system.
Oh, and by the way..
The back office has even changed since I recently made this overview video…
Because Jeff is constantly adding more value.
It’s a constantly evolving membership that increases in value every day…
…and you get to be a part of it for…
Sound like a good deal?
Sure, it might be a little bit more per month than that new Disney+ subscription you just got..
But, last time I checked, Disney+ can’t help you quit your JOB.
Up to you..
You can watch Fox and The Hound for the umpeenth time…
What is your decision?
Vern Rudolph
Secrets of the Big Dogs
Prosperity Marketing System
Dual Squeeze Funnel

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