Is being childish all that wrong?

I had a bit of a drive the other day, which allowed my mind to wander and to consider my business and Internet Marketing in general. 

And I came to the conclusion that an online journey was like my car trip… 

…if we are going to spend a LOT of time on the journey…

…it is important we ENJOY the journey as well as just getting to the destination, 

(Sorry if that sounds all a bit hippy-dippy and Zen-like – it wasn’t meant to :)) 

What I suppose I’m trying to say is that on occasions it is good to just stop and ‘smell the roses’ or do something for the fun or novelty factor. 

Easier said than done sometimes when you have bills stacking up, the bank getting heavy and seemingly just about everyone else online making a mint! 

But it should be because of these things and not despite them that you should revisit the fun-loving child inside you to recharge the batteries, put things in perspective and give yourself renewed vigor on your journey. 

If you don’t find the fun, everything can become a grind and that is when people quit. 

So go on, find that inner child and go do something ‘different’ in what you have left of today

All the very best 
Vernon Rudolph


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