What has a gorilla have to do with marketing?

Gee I would love to take credit for this article but I can’t.   I only contributed a small amount at the end that kind of ties what the article is bout.  I hope you enjoy it.

Did you know, that we don’t consciously notice the vast majority of what is going on around us!

Basically, our brain is a lazy old bear.
To make life easy for itself it only concentrates on the stuff that it thinks is important to us.

In other words, we are only ever CONSCIOUSLY aware of these few things that our brain deems as important.

There have been some fascinating studies done to prove this very fact.

I have to say my favorite is the one where people are shown a video of a bunch of people playing with basketballs.

In the experiment, the watchers are split into two groups.
The groups are told to focus on either the number of passes or the bounces made.
They are told that the group that gets the closest to the actual number are the winners.
So now there is something riding on what they are focusing on.

In other words, their conscious mind was TOLD what was important.

About halfway through the video, a person in a gorilla suit walks into shot.

The ‘gorilla’ then proceeds to beat their chest and then walks out the other side of the screen.
When asked what they saw the vast majority of the people in the experiment incredibly don’t see the gorilla!
Because the brains of the watchers had been directed as to what was important, that’s exactly what their brains consciously picked up.

However because gorillas weren’t important in this situation, the brain filed it as unimportant and therefore relegated it to the subconscious.
OK, what has this to do with earning money online?
A lot really. But more directly how can you program your mind to help you earn money.

It boils down to goal setting. The goals you set to train your mind as to what is important to your commitment. In other words, it trains your mind to only take what will help you earn and ignores everything else.
Just like in the example above almost no one saw the gorilla because their mind was focused on something else. Something it thought was important at the time and ignored the gorilla.

Think about this and then set some goals for yourself, then see if it did anything to help you earn more money.
This is why goal setting is so important to your business life.
Until next time,
Vern Rudolph


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