Do you know why you’re not making money?

After much thinking and reading, I think I have if not all of the
reasons at least a big part of them.

But first I want to ask you a question. Do you drive a car? The first
time you took off I bet you hit the gas or brake too hard and you were
bouncing around the road. Did you quit?

After you got the hang of it and took your drivers test did you pass
the first time?

I did but did I quit? Not on your life. I had to learn so I could get
a job take my girl friend out and all sort of other reasons. But I didn’t

I watched my grandson lear to walk. He fell forward, backward, right and
left every way but loose. Did he quit? No now he runs around playing
soccer and chasing the other kids. He could have quit but no, he new
to walk like mom and dad he had to learn so he got up dusted himself off
and did it again until he learned.

In both of these cases the option to quit wasn’t there. They had to learn.

Now the reason you are not making monty is because you probably got
over run with the next shiny object.

You know the ones I’m taking about, the make money overn night,
the next millionaire, push button system. All of those guaranteed programs
that did nothing but take money out of your pocket. So you quit and
here you are today no better off than you were last week.

So here we are at the sales pitch. Well not exactly, but I am going
to tell you what happened to me.

Three years ago I saw an ad for Prosperity Marketing, you’ve probably
seen them too. Well I was intriqued and read it carefully. Here was some
guy telling me I was going to be rich if I followed his advice.

Have you heard that line before?

Well I saw the 7 day free trial and decided to try it for 7 days.
They assured after I put my credit card in that I could quit easily
if I didn’t like it.

Stubborn me, I took the first couple of training courses and place a handful
of Safelist ads, and to my surprise, someone joined. In fact, he is still
an active member 3 years later. I built a list of followers and currently
have a ton of members on my list.

And remember the money is in the list right?

Here is a link for PMS

Give it a try for 7 days, if it doesn’t look like something you can do
push one button and quit. If at the very least you should add a handfull
of new subscribers to your list. That is how well this works.

Then I want you to commit to at least 6 months of solid work doing this.
forget all the new shiny objects any new programs.

Seriously, concentrate on this alone and if you aren’t making money I’ll
be your monkeys uncle. 🙂 I think you get the idea, try it and I know
you will like it.

If you start and have a problem, let me know what you are doing and what
is happening and I’ll figure out something that will help you.

The only dumb question is the one not asked. I firmly believe that.

Until next time,
Vernon Rudolph


Secrets of the Big Dogs
Prosperity Marketing System
TurnKey Cash System
TrafficWave Autoresponder
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