How Much Traffic Do You Need?

You probably know by now that traffic is what you need most to sell your offer.  Without traffic no visitors and no sales. 

So, that means no matter how good your offer or product is without traffic you have no business.  The industry standard is that it takes at least 7 visits before a prospect will buy your offer.  And that takes tons of traffic.  And a lot of perseverance on your part to make sure your offer is seen at leat 7 times.

When I first started I thought if I got 600 or 700 hits per week I would be rolling in cash, boy was I naïve.  I have since come to learn you need thousand of hits per week.  To make the sales you want to be successful.

As a way of illustration for you I made up a little demonstration for you.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 visitors to your site will not come back again?

To show you how this affects your hit counts I have a little demonstration for you. 

Fist and second day you send your ad out.

Let’s say you advertised an offer you have and get 1000 hits the first day.  Not too bad a start.

Day 2, since only 90% of your previous hits will return that means only 100 hits for day 2 come back.

Third Day

Then if only 100 came back the second day and you lose another 90% of those now you are left with only 10 visitors today.

Fourth Day

So now you are down to only 10 visitors and you lose another 90% today you only have 1 returning visitor.  After today you have no more visitors seeing your website.  And remember you need someone to see your offer at least 7 times before they take action.

So the 1000 hits you received on Monday are gone.  The fifth day you have to start all over. 

As I mentioned earlier, I thought all I need were 6 or 700 hits would make me rich. Now you can see the error of my wisdom.  Today I get 10000 to 18000 hits per week.  That is better and I am making a little more money.  But it goes to show you need a whole lot more traffic than I am getting to really become rich.  One way I did that was to use the Secrets of the Big Dogs.

Just as a little side note the really big guys out there making all the money get hundreds of thousands of hits per week.  Here is a short eBook that only costs $7 that will give you 27 ways to drive more traffic to your offer than you ever dreamed was possible.   I would love to give it to you but they won’t let me do that.  What is $7 a latte at Starbucks and you have a wealth of information.  Here is a link for that eBook

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Vernon Rudolph

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