A Journey Of 1,000 Miles, Starts With …

A Journey Of 1,000 Miles, Starts With …

… a single step. Hi, – You’ve heard this phrase before, right?

It’s an ancient Chinese proverb and it is 100% accurate! A journey of 1,000 miles starts with that first step.  

What I’m trying to show you is that it all comes down to taking that first step.

I have been wanting to write this letter for a long time.  I just neglected to take that first step.  Did you ever find the first step is the hardest to take?

At least it is for me.  Once I start, I don’t know when to stop 🙂

So, you are asking what comes next well how about the second step?

A little over a year ago I figured out that what I was missing was traffic and tons of it.  My next problem was how to get it.

After some time, I found different ways to get more traffic.  Unfortunately, most of them were losers.  I bought traffic spent hours clicking for free traffic in safe lists and traffic exchanges.

I would send between 20 and 30 safe list ads every day and click for more credits in between.  I would get about 1000 hits at the end of the week and think I was really doing well.   By the way, I am doing 4 to 5 times that amount today.

You know who the easiest person to fool is?  It is yourself!

Then one day I saw an ad I have seen many times every day.  So, I decided to read the whole ad that day.  The more I read the more I thought I had to send the $7 for that eBook.  The problem was I was spending every penny I could find to try to buy more defunct traffic.  As you probably know by now, I am disabled and retired living on a fixed income.  So, $7 was a lot of money for me at the time.  but I sat down and figured my wife and I would spend $7 easily at McDonald’s So I told my wife tonight I will make grilled cheese for dinner and took that $7 and bought the book.

What the heck I thought it comes with a money-back guarantee if I didn’t like it. I got the book and let it sit on my hard drive for months before I read it.  Then I sat there and berated myself for taking so long to read it.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  for over 10 years I have been going at this all wrong.|
   I had to change my thinking completely.  Everything I had been taught was wrong.  Well not completely wrong but far enough off the mark that what I was doing was wasting my time and money.   Surfing for credits and trying the next shiny program that promised I would be rich in 7 days.

When I read the Secrets of the Big Dogs and saw the brilliance of their plan it was like magic.  I found a way to generate a small income selling $7 eBooks but geese I was never going to make real money that way.  Then the next chapter described how I was going to be making multiple streams of income at the same time.  And I could do it all in 30 minutes a day.  Now that is the bare minimum you need to invest.  Of course, if you want to work a little more and make more money faster who’s stopping you?

That is the flexibility of this program.

One of the points I learned is what I should have known.  After all my grandmother preached it to me all the time.  It Takes Money to Make Money.

Read that last sentence again burn it into your brain.  Secretes of The Big Dogs does show you how much you will have to spend but the flexibility of the program is start small and build from there.  Just remember anything worth anything takes time, you are running a marathon not a sprint.  Take your time do it right and follow the plan and you will see success.

Find out how you can make a new start for as little as $7 bucks.  It will be the best money you have ever spent.  Just click the link below and get started, you can thank me later.


Working at home

To your success,


Vernon Rudolph





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