These are hard times. But oppertunity prevails

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What weird times we are living in.  Never in recent history have we had anything like we are experiencing now.  Sure they had the black plague long, long ago and the world survived, of course, a lot of people died but we came out of it a lot smarter.

I just heard the news the United States has surpassed 20000 deaths from coronavirus.  And as hard as it is for us we too shall come out of this smarter and better prepared for the next time.

The important thing now is don’t give up hope. Stay focused.

The government is telling people to work from home and more people are doing that.   After the first couple of weeks, people are tired of watching TV and turning to their computers.

And for you that means opportunity.  We are looking at at the least another full month of staying at home, shut-in.  That creates a huge chance for those of us working online to really make some money.

I had some little thinker tell me that I was as bad as the lowest of low life preying on people at their greatest time of need.  I told this person that I didn’t think so.  I am giving them a chance to better their place in life right now.  They aren’t working and need money, I can help them and I am going to do the most I can to make that happen.

If you want to just sit around and cry this don’t work it’s too hard I can’t do it. No one can help you.  As Yoda said in Star Wars There is no try.  Do or do not.  I choose to do and will do everything I can to redouble my efforts right now.

I hope that gives you something to think about.

Vern Rudolph

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