Who the Heck Is Vernon Rudolph?

Hi, I’m Vernon Rudolph.  

I’m the guy who posts these blogs for you, most of the time trying to sell you something.  Well, today I want to get one thing straight, but I’ll get to that in a second or two.

I retired in 2007 at the ripe old age of 60.  So, you can figure out how old I am now.  I retired from a particularly good job traveling across the country helping people with their business. 

I retired because I was having problems walking, especially going up stairs. 

And because I could.  Over 40 odd years of working 10-to-12-hour days I had enough money to live comfortably until Social Security kicked in.  And because I wanted to try Internet Marketing.   After all it is easy and everybody doing it is going to be a millionaire, right?

So, I thought I could make as much money while working at home as when I was working it would be great.  And at the same time, I could help others become rich too.

OK, now back to what I want to get straight, yes, I am here to make money.  But it seems I do it differently.  I don’t sell every new thing that comes along.  Because most of it is junk anyway.  I only sell products I use and are proven to be good sold investments that are not going to break anybody’s bank.  I also go under the principal of selling a lot at a low price rather than making a month’s salary off one sale. 

Since 2007 I have found out what works and works well and what doesn’t.  Programs like Prosperity Marketing System and Secrets of the Big Dogs are two well-established companies that have been around for a while and work well and can make you rich. 

But here I must warn you.  It Takes Work.  Every day 5 or 6 days a week.  You must work.  The beauty is you don’t have to work 8 hours a day unless you want to.  Typically, I work from 30 minutes to an hour or two every day.  That is all.  My wife and I like to take drives, go shopping and visit our kids and grandkids especially.  And let’s be completely honest I like to stay up late at night and sleep in in the morning.  So, my day usually doesn’t start until noon and doesn’t end until 1 or 2 in the morning.

I buy a little advertising and use mostly safelist ads and traffic exchanges.  By the way if you want to learn how to use safelists effectively and save a bunch of time let me know I have a manual that will help you, it is free even.

Finally, like I said I am here to make money, so I want to offer you an alternative way to make money.  I’ll let the cat out of the bag a little early.

You can make money by using a blog.  The link I am going to give you is for an eBook that explains all the ins and outs and what you must do to make a living with it.  Now warning it does cost $0 and if you can’t squeeze $0 out of your budget maybe you should not be trying to make money online.

Here is that link:  https://www.trker.com/go/135855

One last thought, another reason I retired, remember I told you earlier that I was having problems walking?  Well, a few years after I retired the doctors found out I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy.  It is a progressive disease my muscles will keep getting weaker until nothing will work anymore.  Now don’t think I am telling you about this because I want sympathy.  I have no pain as in other diseases just a loss of muscle control. 

So, now I am in a wheelchair full time, and it takes me longer to get about, but I am living my life the way I want to with my bride of over 50 years, and we are happy.  I am making a little money and if I put more time and effort into it, I could make a lot more.  And that is what I want for you.  To be able to work a few hours a day and have the rest of the day to do what you want. 

That is enough for today.  If you put up with my ramblings this long you must really be bored. 😊

Have a great day,

Vern Rudolph


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I have been helping people find the best ways to work at home since 2007. I work only with established companies that have been around for a while. Companies that have a track record of paying commissions on time and are good for support when necessary. I am always for support whenever there is a problem.
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